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UKIPGThe UK Inter-Professional Group

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Peter Swindlehurst -  Secretary, UKIPG  OR Alisdair Orr - Chairman of UKIPG
C/O The Registrar, The Science Council
Hodgkin Huxley House, 30 Farringdon Road

Clerkenwell, London EC1R 3AU

Chairman Tel : 020 3434 2022

Secretary Tel: 01296 623930 or Mob: 07931 588360

Secretary Email :

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Welcome to UKIPG

The UKIPG was founded in 1977 to act as a Forum for the major Professional and Regulatory Bodies in the United Kingdom. There are 27 bodies in membership. They reach across the healthcare, legal, financial, scientific, engineering and construction professions. Some are statutory bodies; others regulate under the terms of their Royal Charter or are representative associations.

Major areas of interest include Professional Regulation, Professional Education and Training, Continuing Professional Development, Corporate Governance, European and International Affairs, and Professional Ethics and Values.

The UKIPG is financed by subscriptions from members bodies and supported primarily by the efforts of the member bodies, facilitated by a part-time Secretary.

UKIPG Business Address

For many years, the UKIPG has been hosted by the Engineering Council, most recently at Weston House, 246 High Holborn. The Engineering Council is currently in a temporary building awaiting a final move to new premises.  In the interim, mail should be addressed to The UKIPG Chairman, c/o The Registrar at The Science Council.  See 'Contact us' for details. E-mail is still provided via the Engineering Council.


Any staff member / representative of a UKIPG Member Organisation should have access to almost the full range of pages of this web-site. However, it is first necessary to 'sign on' as such and be given a password (which can then be changed).  If you are having any difficulty, please contact UKIPG Secretary