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UKIPGThe UK Inter-Professional Group

About The UKIPG

The UKIPG was founded in 1977 to act as a Forum for the major Professional and Regulatory Bodies in the United Kingdom. There are usually between 25 and 30 bodies in membership. They reach across the healthcare, legal, financial, scientific, engineering and construction professions. Some are statutory bodies; others regulate under the terms of their Royal Charter or are representative associations. Major areas of interest include Professional Regulation, Professional Education and Training, Continuing Professional Development, Corporate Governance, European and International Affairs, and Professional Ethics and Values.

Normally, each member body nominates one or two two representatives to represent it at main policy and management meetings. Traditionally, one of the representatives was a senior honorary officer of the body concerned, whilst the other is a senior staff member. However, with the trend towards smaller ‘executive boards' in professional bodies, many UKIPG member bodies delegate routine UKIPG participation to executive staff. The current Chairman of UKIPG is Alisdair Orr, Registrar at the Science Council; the Vice-Chairman is Les Smith of ICAEW.  Jane Hern, former Registrar and Chief Executive of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, has now retired from the post of Chairman after many years service to UKIPG and to the professions generally.

To make best use of these persons' time, issues are generally addressed through a range of Special Interest Groups. Over recent years, there have been three standing Groups, dealing with:

  • Professional Regulation.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • [Originally, these two groups were combined, but later a separate Governance Group was formed to address corporate governance more widely, such as Board evaluation.  Sandra Ison of ARB has agreed to take the lead from February 2015 on both of these wo areas, but looks forward to some further support from members involved in either area.] 
  • Education and Training (including liaison with QAA, HEFCE, NARIC etc).  Ian Jeal of RICS has agreed to take over the lead for this area from February 2015.

There is a wider community interested and involved with European and International Affairs and with Continuing Professional Development in the professions. These are served by Forums within UKIPG.

  • The European and International Forum. This work has been led by the UKIPG Secretary, strongly supported by international specialista in a number of member bodies. Katy Turff, Head of International at the Engineering Council is now the lead member of this Forum. Unfortunately, for budgetary reasons, UKIPG is no longer a member of the European Professional Association (CRPLIS) but still maintains contact with the EU Institutions, and retains informal links with the secretariats of several other Inter-Professional Groups within the EU as well as with BIS.
  • The Inter Professional CPD Forum. This is a wider group comprising not only professional associations and regulatory bodies, but others involved in CPD research and provision. The current Chairman of the Inter Professional CPD Forum is Fiona Browne of GOsC, who benefits from organisational support from Chris Senior.

From time-to-time, the UKIPG becomes involved in special projects and sets up Task Groups to take work forward. For example, during 2002, it investigated issues surrounding ‘Revalidation' and the ‘Maintenance of Professional Competence', under the leadership of Robin Wilson (then of the Engineering Council (UK)). Later, it formed a group which looked at issues around Professional Indemnity Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance.  It was also directly involved with CEPLIS in drafting and finalising a Europe-wide statement of the Common Values of the professions.  There are regular forums with HE and the QAA, and with NARIC.  A major tranche of work over many years has been the contribution to the modernising of Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications.  This work is ongoing, with a current home-based focus on the transposition of Directive 2013/55/EU into UK legislation.

At a Management Meeting in February 2015, it was proposed that a group be established, and with someone to lead the work, on Communication and Marketing of UKIPG itself.  The Management team are delighted to welcome Lizzie Lockett, Director of Communications at RCVS to work with Sandra Ison of ARB on this project. 

The UKIPG Secretary is a part-time post, currently held by Peter Swindlehurst, a former staff member of the Engineering Council UK. The Engineering Council (UK) has provided an office address and some services to the UKIPG, and was the normal addressee for correspondence.    However, du to two sequential moves of premises, the Engineering Council is temporarily unable to provide this service.  For the time being, the office address will be C/O the Registrar, the Science Council, Hodgkin Huxley House, 30 Farringdon Lane, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 3AU.  Tel: 020 3434 2022. The Secretary can still be contacted by E-mail via the Engineering Council system (still operational for us) or by mobile phone on 07931 588360.