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UKIPG Meetings and Groups - Business and Contact Lists

The UKIPG conducts its business through a set of Meeting and Interest Groups, whether those meetings are real or virtual (eg web-based discussions).

The latest Paper - be it Agenda, Minutes, or topical paper, relevant to that Group can be accessed from the main links below. 

The Contact List for each Group, giving name, organisation and e-mail follows.

Click links below to access papers and contacts list.

UKIPG Management Meetings

  • Management Group Contacts

UKIPG Main Group (up to December 2011)

Inter Professional CPD Forum

  • CPD Forum Contacts

Professional Education and Training Group

Corporate Governance Group


Professional Regulation Group

International and European Forum

NARIC Liaison Group


  • QAA PSRB Forum Contacts

Professional Liability Insurance Group (currently stood down)


The Background to the Groups and Former UKIPG Main Group

When the UKIPG was founded, there was a single group - 'The UKIPG'.  It comprised representatives nominated by the member bodies (either 'members' of those bodies or senior staff).  As various sub-groups emerged, this became known as 'The UKIPG Main Group'. It is the UKIPG's highest level forum for discussion, and also its governing body.  Over recent years, as more work was done by the Special Interest Groups, UKIPG changed again. The 'Main Group' will be a periodic General Management Meeting. It will review the UKIPG's programme of work, approve appointments, set fees and expenses etc.  Effectively, it will become an AGM, with the routine management of the UKIPG being in the hands of its Executive Group (essentially the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and those currently convening the active Special Interest Groups.

UKIPG Plenary Events

In the past, a typical Main Group meeting would have been held quarterly and hosted by a member body, and might have been followed by some social and networking time.  The agenda would normally comprise a presentation from a visiting speaker, some updates on topical issues from the Special Interest Groups and Forums, and some administration.  These meetings will now be replaced by occasional UKIPG Plenary Events, developing a process which has already started through the Ethics Conferences, the CPD Conferences, and larger joint events with others in the field.  Their timing and content will be arranged ad doc to suit the current interests and developments.

UKIPG Special Interest Groups

To enable current specialist issues to be discussed, the UKIPG runs a series of Special Interest Groups, generally staffed by respresentives of member bodies with a specialist interest and competence in a particualr field.  These Groups continue in perpetuity, but are occasionally dormant.  Each has its own set of web-pages on this UKIPG web-site, accessed by links from the 'Meetings and Interest Groups' heading. They each have an E-mailer Group which allows information to be quickly circulated to all who are attached to that Group.  To protect the confidentiality of shared information, access is protected by a registered User name and Password. They may meet from time to time, or exist as a virtual group.  The current Groups are:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Professional Education and Training
  • Professional Regulation
  • NARIC Liaison
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (currently dormant)
  • International and European Affairs *
  • Continuing Professional Development *
  • QAA / UKIPG Professional and Statutory Regulatory Bodies Forum *

*   These groups have a wider membership than the UKIPG membership.  As papers for all these Groups are promulgated via this web-site, UKIPG Full Members have access to all material from their normal 'log in'.   Other members of the wider groups (*) have access to all matters relating to that Group only, through a username and password allocated when they register for CPD Forum membership or are invited to join another Group.

Individual Group Web Pages are accessible from the links at the top of this page, designated by Group and latest date.   Follow-up papers from a meeting are linked to that meeting and date. Past pages are accessible from links from the current page.